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We build our relationships with winemakers to convey their point of view, energy, and concept. That's what we want to share with you at Lalou Wines.

We love wine. It is an inseparable element of any meeting, traveling, eating, and having a good time with friends and other people we are just getting to know.

When choosing wines, we think about the people behind them. We look for authenticity, uncompromisingness, and tenderness. All because we treat wine emotionally, get attached, and try to understand or even miss it. We want to show and record these emotions. We want to be part of the world we fell in love with and show its most exciting forms.

Our import relies on small estates from France. However, we do not limit ourselves but focus on Burgundy, Champagne, Loire Valley, Jura, and Alsace. We show interpretations, expressions, and dependencies. We are looking for an attachment to terroir and find this approach in various styles.

Imagine classic, modernists, new wave producers. We care about acidity, freshness, length, substance, and one not fully defined element - minerality. We can describe it, indicate it, and interpret it.

The producers we work with think about energy, style, biodiversity, and co-responsibility for the environment. Still, they also share a similar approach to the pleasure of wine drinking, the joy of sharing, meeting, and talking.